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Search on most any patent database, and you obtain a long list of search results (possibly thousands) typically sorted alphabetically, by date, or by patent number. There is no qualitative relevancy to the content of the search query, and nobody can reasonably identify the “top 10” most relevant patents after plowing through thousands of search “hits”. Higher liability and exposure to potential infringement of invalidity are attributable to missing critical prior art using traditional search methods.

Lack of relevancy ranking capability is directly responsible for:

  • failure to quickly identify the most important patents first,
  • consumption of valuable time and money,
  • the poor allocation of talented research resources.

PatentCafe’s proprietary Semetric™ search technology, optimized for searching patent data for claims or concept of the invention, ranks and displays search results based on relevancy.

Relevancy ranking most importantly increases the likelihood of identifying the most relevant prior art, while saving valuable time and money.

The proven reliability of relevancy ranking has repeatedly been demonstrated in numerous “real world” cases where huge investment decisions or legal defense strategies hinged on finding critical prior art.

We believe that no other patent search engine in the world can deliver the benefits of intelligent prior art identification, or the savings in time and money when compared to relevancy ranked results of PatentCafe’s premier patent research tools.

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