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Patent claims describe the most important “concepts” of an invention.

PatentCafe’s Concept-based Patent Search Engine incorporates a separately indexed database called a CONCEPT SPACE. This 3-dimensional neural net is generated by separately indexing our global patent database. As more patent documents are indexed, the “smarter” our search engine becomes, actually learning an ever increasing library of linguistic concepts.

This proprietary, patent pending approach to cataloging of themes and concepts of huge document sets is called Semetric™ – it’s the most advanced patent search technology currently available.

Semetric allows researchers to:

  • Find uncited prior art or concurrent art;
  • Quickly uncover new licensing opportunities;
  • Search CLAIMS MEANING of prior art that could lead to invalidation or discover possible infringement and patents of interest;
  • Automatically search across multiple language patents with a single search query (English, French or German).

The Semetric technology employs powerful analytical techniques to emulate the human brain’s ability to understand language, extending far beyond the capacities of a keyword-matching query based system. A search on PatentCafe’s ICO Global Patent Search will return highly relevant patents, even if the patents do not contain any of the search keywords!

In short, this means that it’s more difficult than ever for a competitor to intentionally hide a patent by purposely eliminating the use of common keywords in the hopes of avoiding keyword-based search engines.

Comparison of acceptable search query structures.

ICO’s Concept Search (Unstructured full claims text search) Typical Boolean Search (Structured keyword search)
Claim 1. A hypodermic syringe, comprising: a syringe barrel, a piston means slidable within the barrel and being permanently collapsible upon striking a distal end of the syringe barrel, a telescopic needle and guard assembly, the guard movable between an extended position entirely encompassing the needle and a contracted position exposing a pointed tip of the needle, the guard being entirely filled with a disinfectant-saturated porous media, the guard being threadably-reversibly mountable, end-for-end, on the distal end of the syringe.

Typical Boolean Search (Structured keyword search)

disposable AND (safety OR guard) AND (syringe OR needle)

[Boolean search results must literally match, and can only match, the structured query.]

Searching the concept of the invention by using the entire claims text as the search query produces higher quality, more relevant results when compared to the limits of Boolean search queries.

Read the technical white paper about Semetric technology (HERE)
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