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PatentCafe began the ground-up design of its patent research solution years ago with a double mission:

  • Develop the largest, most accurate web-searchable patent database in the world, and
  • Access that database with the most advanced linguistics search technology available.

Older Boolean search technology only returns results that literally match the keywords used in the search query. However, the older search technologies cannot create search concepts on their own, and therefore miss finding relevant patents that do not contain the keywords used in the search query.

To make matters worse, the patent databases are very often missing many patents, or contain patents that are missing patent claims or other critical data. Searchable patent data is generated using OCR technology after paper patents are scanned. OCR technology is imperfect, and is guaranteed to distort, change, or eliminate data during the translation. These patent data errors are not systematically corrected, so the databases live on contaiing many uncorrected errors.

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The end result is that researchers simply don’t know how many critically important patents are missed by the combination of Boolean search technology and unacceptably poor data quality.

No other patent database and search technology combination in the world is more reliable in discovering the most relevant patent prior art search results.

PatentCafe’s ICO Patent Search is the industry’s first 6-Sigma targeted patent data quality database combined with the most advanced Latent Semantic Analysis multiple language search technology. Referred to as the industry’s Gold Standard, ICO-Global Patent Search succeeds in producing incredibly reliable, most highly relevant prior art search results. The legal, financial and business benefits are immense, providing for intelligent budgeting, more informed legal and business decisions, and significant savings that can quickly reach into the $10s or $100s of thousands.

Our Semetric™ technology is “Beyond Google“. Business Week, June 2003

Claims searching is an important, industry-first feature of PatentCafe’s advanced search technology. Claims searching transcends the narrow limitations of classification or keyword searching. The concept of the patent as expressed by the claims describes the invention. Quickly identify prior art that reads on the patent claims (or proposed claims of an application).

The list below highlights the most significant advancements of our patent research solution which set us ahead of older patent search technology.

ICO-GPS is the only patent research tool that delivers these important functions:

  • Relevancy Ranked Results – intelligently analyses and lists most relevant patents first.
  • Claims Search – uses the complete claims text as the search query.
  • Latent Semantic Analysis Search Engine – most advanced linguistics concept searching.
  • Search Thesaurus – generates vernacular / typical key words for every technology.
  • 6-Sigma Targeted Data Quality – extremely accurate & reliable patent database.
  • One of World’s Largest Patent Collections – single query searchable across collections.
  • Flexible Search Results Export – individual patent or bulk data export in CSV or XML.




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Increased results confidence and significant time savings

PatentCafe’s research solution is the industry’s only patent search engine that ranks search results based on how the relevancy.

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Finds patents Boolean engines simply can’t find

Our concept based search allows you to identify patents across unrelated patent classifications, that contain unrelated jargon or keywords, and patents originally published in a language other than English (i.e.: French, German).

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Obtain the best patent results quickly

The industry’s premier patent search technology is the only patent research solution allows users to use the complete text of a patent claim as the search query to generate a high-confidence, relevancy-ranked search results set.


No learning complex query structure or syntax

ICO Global Patent Search allows users to search by partial patent number by automatically wildcarding in front and behind the number string. For example, searching for a number such as 45678 will return results such as 2,345,678, 4,456,783, or 4,567,890

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Actual field comparison – to $30,000 & $50,000 contracted prior art searches

Results you can be confident of! In under a minute, our relevancy-ranked search results produced the identical (and then some) “best prior art” that cost these firms’ client’s more than $30,000 to find.

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Higher confidence that patent data is accurate and complete

PatentCafe is the leader in creating and maintaining stringent WIPO & 6-SIGMA patent data quality targets (3.4 errors / million). Most commercial patent databases only achieve a 4-Sigma standard (less than 6,300 errors / million).

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Flexibility to extract data in many standard formats

With a click of the mouse, you can export any specified patent data fields in CSV (Excel spreadsheet) or XML format for importing into any of the many third party data analysis tools. Export PDFs in background while you continue searching.

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Search one of the world’s largest patent collections

Our growing searchable patent data collection rivals (and may well surpass) every available commercial or public patent database. The database containing US, Great Britain, French, German, EPO, WIPO/PCT, Japanese and Canadian patents is updated weekly.

PatentCafe’s ICO Suite delivers a rich and flexible environment. It’s the first IP solution that brings together the most advanced patent research tools with intellectual capital management features in a single IPAM solution.

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