About PatentCafe

PatentCafe Background

PatentCafe.com, Inc. is a network of information, e-learning, global patent data, online retail, community and ASP / enterprise software properties serving the online Intellectual Property (IP) community.

Since the launch of its first property in 1996, it’s become the Web’s most comprehensive provider of Web-based IP software solutions (ASP), information, products and services. Recognized worldwide, it services nearly 3/4 million inventors, patent attorneys, corporate counsel, intellectual property managers, academia, and R&D labs through 7 Web properties each month.

PatentCafe provides the broadest collection of patent data, news, advice, software, books, legal, insurance and financial products, intellectual asset management tools, patent analytics management tools, and educational support materials, on or off the Web.

Today, PatentCafe is one of the most recognized IP brands in the World, and its properties are among the most linked and most highly-regarded portals within the IP community. It has been profiled by CNN/fn, Knowledge Management, London financial Times, NY Times, Bloomberg / Washington Report, National Law Journal, Design and Product Engineering News, LA Times, Forbes, and more than 100 other major media sources.

PatentCafe.com’s commercial Internet properties provide valuable IP data for litigation support and valuation, revenue opportunities for attorneys, business solutions and broad-based information. Its audience includes engineers, inventors, authors and entertainers, IP managers and entrepreneurs, educators, technology licensing professionals, patent and corporate attorneys, and intellectual property experts, allowing them to develop, manage, enforce and commercialize their intellectual property assets.

PatentCafe.com, Inc. is a privately held corporation funded by internet.com Fund II / Jupitermedia (Nasdaq: JUPM), Gray Cary Fund, the venture capital arm of the technology law firm, Gray Cary Ware & Friedenrich, LLP, and certain private investment firms.

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