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Today’s enterprise organizations, government agencies, universities and law firms employ a large intellectual property talent pool, from seasonal interns to seasoned technical talent, to conduct important R&D, legal and competitive research, yet have no reliable way to reliably capture and mine this business critical intellectual capital. Further, research that relies on mining patent or non-patent technical information has been falsely relied upon as a result of serious data quality inconsistencies, and the inability to research disparate data from various sources, and compile an immediately actionable, relevancy-ranked results set.

PatentCafe’s Intellectual Capital Office (ICO) Suite is the industry’s premier intellectual property asset management software and patent research utility for multi-user installations including multinational IP consulting and IP law firms, and enterprise environments.

ICO software suite is a robust patent research and intellectual property asset management solution deployable as a stand-alone enterprise solution, or as an enterprise-wide IP portlet custom integrated into existing enterprise solutions (such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Plumtree, Vignette, etc.).

EMPOWER: Decision supporting intelligence in strategic acquisitions or JDAs.

IDENTIFY: Patent licensing opportunities across unrelated patent classes & industry sectors.

ENHANCE: Global competitive intelligence- track competitors’ R&D activity.

MANAGE: Organization-wide archiving of intellectual capital, costs, user activity history.

BUDGET: Identify potential areas of infringement early, smartly redirect R&D investment.

Don’t confuse PatentCafe’s ICO Solution with commercial patent search engines.

Enterprise Application
The ICO Suite is a ground-up enterprise software application used for the creation and management of intellectual capital. As a core component of our software solution, we also happen to house one of the world’s largest, most important repositories of patent data.

Integrated Knowledge Base
PatentCafe’s ICO Suite captures and indexes research data and intellectual capital from each client user, and makes that information available throughout the enterprise.

Integrated Administration Tools
Powerful back-end tools allow your site administrator to quickly and easily manage all user accounts, set purchasing authorization levels, add or delete user accounts and archive user’s intellectual capital history, and more.

Integrated Patent Database
PatentCafe’s ICO Suite is the only IP management software that incorporates a 6-Sigma Quality global patent database, searchable with the industry’s most advanced semantic search technology.

Available as:

  • Web-distributed software (ASP), or
  • On-location hardware / software solution.

The ICO Suite is the industry’s first IP solution that brings together the most advanced patent data and intellectual property research tools with intellectual capital management features in a single IPAM solution.

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