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Robust alternative to our Claims Monitoring. Track patents and specific patent data fields using the ICO-GPS Boolean search technology. The ICO Boolean Patent Alert contains powerful features that make it the most flexible Boolean Alert product in the industry.

  • Stay informed of newly issued patents worldwide, for an entire year.
  • Obtain critical data to watch competitive R&D trends.
  • Learn whenever your existing patents are cited on subsequent patents.
  • Identify industry newcomers,
  • Discover licensing opportunities.
  • Monitor competitive patent activity throughout your R&D cycle.


  • Allows monitoring of an unlimited number of applicant name variations necessary to capture the entirety of patent activity of a targeted competitor (e.g.: Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard, HP, Hewlett Packard Development Company, Compaq, Compaq Computers, DEC, Digital Equipment Corporation).
  • Powerful sorting of HITS based on date, patent number, patent classifications, and other fields.
  • Incorporates Boolean “AND / OR” operators, as well as “Exclude Text” capability.


Alert Method

Perpetually scans the ICO Global Patent Database for matches to specified patent data fields including: applicant name(s), inventor name(s), attorney name(s), domestic class(es), IPC class(Es), field of search class, open field keywords, and keyword exclusions.

License period

1 full year of monitoring after opening a new alert.

Method of “hits” notification

E-mail notification.

Patent authorities monitored

See most current patent collections. Any new authorities added to the database during the alert license period automatically become part of the alert at no additional charge.

Method of reviewing alert matches

LOGIN to alert management screen.

First alert run

Will contain all respective prior art documents issued or published prior to the data of opening a new alert (Back File Match).

Subsequent alert runs

Alert will automatically run each time the ICO Patent Database is updated.

Number of allowed “hits” responsive to alert


Alert Data Management Software Tools

Manage an unlimited number of separate alerts from a single management screen. SAMPLE
Intelligent Sorting of alert results by: issue date, applicant, title, patent number, classification. SAMPLE
Sorting by % Relevancy
Open bibliography or full text immediately online.
Select “viewed” and “un-viewed” hits for methodical results reviewing.
Viewed, delete, save, download options for each patent document. SAMPLE
Results data export in CSV, XML or PDF format. SAMPLE
Results can be ZIPped, downloaded, and/or e-mailed to associates through your Document Management Screen

License fee

$1,500 Annual License per Each Alert Profile (one-price license fee includes all “hits” and downloads for each alert profile). No surprise month-end bills for a high hit volume – no additional fees whatsoever throughout the one year licensing period.

To Immediately Build a CLAIMS Alert and Set Up Your Account, start HERE
Multi-user Accounts – Request Demo or Product Information (HERE)

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