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ICO / ERP™ IPAM Solutions from PatentCafe

LARGEST INTEGRATION OF IAM / IPAM SOLUTIONS: PatentCafe is committed to providing the Best In Class IAM, patent data, data mining, data analysis, and intellectual property and knowledge management tools, as well as innovation development and evaluation solutions. Our IPAM tools are all built on Microsoft / SQL Server and .NET platforms for web-based delivery from our servers, or for seamless integration into Enterprise environments.

PatentCafe’s user base includes: Intellectual Capital Officers (ICOs), corporate executives, patent attorneys, researchers, inventors and scientists, and government & university professionals. Our software solutions are designed for single users, SMEs, to an unlimited number of networked users in administered enterprise environments.

The solutions below are modularized, Web-based (ASP, .asp, .NET, Internet or intranet), and can be selectively combined to optimize authorized-access by all sized administrated environments.

IP Consulting • Search & Manage • Evaluate • Outsource • Licensing • Magazine • Valuation • IP Supplies • Training


Process analysis and qualitative intellectual property benchmarking and
Best Practices report services for Enterprise.

PatentCafe provides an exclusive on-site consulting service that reviews enterprise-wide intellectual property practices. Our consulting staff includes professionals experienced in Fortune 100 executive management in the fields of manufacturing, marketing, IT, business development, venture capital, and patent law.

In contrast to intellectual asset management (IAM) services offered by IP consulting firms focused primarily on invention and law, PatentCafe extends enterprise process management beyond IAM with a PQM process that applies as much to Manufacturing and Human Resources, as it does to the traditional R&D, legal and finance / investment realms.

The deliverables, the Qualitative Intellectual Property Benchmarking Report, provides recommendations, identifies shortcomings, highlights acceptable current intellectual property practices, and helps senior-level executives shape a corporate-wide Intellectual Property Best Practices program. Get more information …


Integrating the most sophisticated concept-based high volume data search technology.

PatentCafe’s Global Patent Search combines Semetric™ concept-based search technology developed for the US intelligence community, with traditional keyword / structured query search methods. The result is one of the most astounding capabilities to extract valuable information from global patent data.

The solution includes full office back end solution, including online invoicing, corporate administrator maintenance, multi-divisional tracking, corporate IP manager administrator reports, invoicing, and more.

Key proprietary feature of our online patent research tools:

  • Structured XML Data export for in-house analysis (up to 10,000 documents at a time)
  • Cross-lingual search (language independent – searches native language full text patents)
  • Full user administration / maintenance within your enterprise: track / assign budget limits, build corporate knowledge base, retain intellectual capital & employee contribution to innovation development, and more.
  • SERVICES: include highly customized data mining and analysis reports to client specifications, third party date stamping of user activity histories, CD ROM recording of user activities for corporate archiving.


Simple, robust, objective, enlightening.

The PatentCafe¨ Invention Evaluation System Professional Edition is built on our own System and Method for Adaptive Relational Testing (SMARTª) technology. This Web-based new product evaluation software actually adapts to your individual invention, customizing questions and calculations along the way as you begin entering your answers. The innovation evaluation system is optimized for reviewing technology and products targeted to the US commercial, industrial and consumer markets.

Every product or invention evaluation is totally custom-generated! Our system guides you step-by-step through more than 80 finely-tuned questions addressing the key success factors that can contribute to your invention’s financial success or failure, including: Sample Medical Syringe & Electronic Connector Reports.

  • Objective innovation assessment program for marketing & engineering groups. Venture capitalist’s pre-investment due diligence for highly innovative products or technology. Objective reality check for inventors and scientists.
  • Creates real time, on demand 30+ page presentation-ready analysis report with charts, graphs, identified strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible solutions to reduce technical, legal, production or financial weaknesses and risks.
  • Priced to allow marketing, engineering, finance and IP managers to frequently run a complete product / invention analysis before investment, prior to acquisition, and to asses weakly performing products currently on the market.


Fast, efficient management of outsourced innovation development.

PatentCafe’s Product Development Center is a FREE, Web-based Quotation Solution that matches a buyer’s Request For Proposals (RFP) for prototyping, engineering and product development, and contract manufacturing service requirements with world-class suppliers and service providers registered on PatentCafe’s network.

  • Web-based software allows buyers to intelligent manage and track many quotations for custom manufactured components, product development or outsourced prototyping requirements.
  • A free, simple to use, highly intuitive Supply Chain Management solution specially refined for solicitation of prototyping and product development services.

ICO-TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER & LICENSING:Global Patent Licensing Marketplace:

Buy, Sell, License-IN, License-OUT, branded corporate patent licensing exchange.

Many “patent exchange” business models hit the Internet in the late 90s – and many are gone because they were built on the premise of earning a commission on the “sale”. The fact is, the Internet still reaches more potential technology licensees than any other medium – and a highly affordable, flat-rate classified approach has allowed PatentCafe’s exchange to continue as one of the longest lasting (one of the first, started in 1996), most reliable stalwarts of Web-based patent license marketplaces. 2XFR employs:

  • Proprietary taxonomy (that helps speed a licensee’s search to find your listed patents),
  • An graphics upload system that allows listing agencies to include charts, histograms, photos or testing results tables for better technology presentation.

Portal-delivery: Corporate-branded custom version of 2XFR for corporations that want their own technology exchange, but want their technology available through a high traffic tech transfer site as well.


Fresh, informative, broad-reaching content.

PatentCafe IP Magazine has more than 500 articles online (more than 2,000 pages) available for immediate online delivery into enterprise intranets. The articles are written by more than 125 contributing editors, and are partitioned into main departments including: IP law, invention development, technology transfer, innovation in the enterprise, international perspective and policy, and are further segregated by higher resolution content.

Innovation articles are perfect for engineering groups, tech transfer articles for marketing & finance managers, and of course, law articles for corporate legal groups. Article content is seamlessly streamed into your Microsoft Asp Website, keeping you in control of all navigation, web structure, and access.

Examples of selected article content streamed into various Asp sites:

  • Articles streamed into Technology Transfer / Patent Licensing Exchange
  • Articles streamed into Invention Starting Point
  • Invention Articles streamed into Distance Learning Center

PATENT VALUE ANALYSIS:Global Patent Licensing Marketplace:

Buy, Sell, License-IN, License-OUT, branded corporate patent licensing exchange.

Patent Value Predictor is the proprietary, Automated On Demand service where you specify a patent and then receive our model’s estimation of the VALUE OF the patent, and the SIZE OF THE MARKET (in sales per year) protected by the patent.

The Patent Value Predictor Model is based on the business assumption that a substantial fraction of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is covered by all patents, and then estimating the fraction of the GDP covered by each patent using sophisticated data analysis and additional modeling based upon macro economic data and financial data. $100/report; report generated in real time.

  • $100 / valuation analysis
  • Completed on demand, in real time


IP related books, software, legal forms, and inventor recognition supplies.

Chasing down information and quality resources can result in wasted time money. NOT chasing down efficiency tools and valuable reference materials can waste even more time and money.

For nearly 1/2 decade, PatentCafe’s IP bookstore has been the most comprehensive, single online source for IP-specific supplies, including the latest legal, invention, patent strategy and valuation books and references, patenting software, training resources, and IP related legal forms and templates (for engineering groups, corporate counsel, business development managers and human resources).

  • IPAM licensees can select / limit books and services authorized for in-house purchasing on account.
  • Inventor recognition plaques and awards for corporate innovation & HR/ employee incentive programs.


30 hours of TV Studio DVDs, panel discussion format: distance learning or in-house presentation.

This university-level training series introduces participants to every interrelated process of invention development, from concept, protection, strategy and exploitation, through unltimate commercialization.

Patents in Commerce is a highly interactive, engaging and broad / deep innovation training series recorded in front of a live audience of innovators, business owners and senior managers in our own TV studio. The training is presented in the most unique format: panel discussion with 40 national experts (the Larry King, NFL Sunday, Hannity & Colmes format).

The training covers very specific points throughout – from patent and invention basics, through patent strategy, claims development, funding, innovation marketing & market entry, licensing tactics and strategy, product development and prototyping, and in-house / off shore manufacturing.

Patents in Commerce is the most comprehensive distance innovation training series available for SMEs and enterprise organizations needing to cultivate broad-thinking innovation managers and Intellectual Capital Officers.

  • Multi-camera, TV Studio quality DVDs (30 hours of training across 20 specific segments)
  • Downloadable workbooks participants use to track the DVD presentations (and apply to their own company or innovations.
  • Online proficiency testing to ensure minimal understanding of the principles taught.
  • Enterprise users can target certain DVD training segments to specific cross-functional groups.