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Partnering With PatentCafe

The Strength of Business Relationships: Collaboration, partnerships, joint ventures, joint development and distribution define the essential ingredients of commerce. PatentCafe is committed to relationship development to better serve the intellectual property community, and we have a number of programs of interest to our business partners:

Value Added Reseller (VAR): PatentCafe’s intellectual asset management solutions can provide a powerful addition to any IAM consulting arsenal. Since PatentCafe does not provide intellectual property or IAM consulting services, legal and professional consulting firms don’t need to be concerned about competing with their patent database / search & analysis tools partner. Our generous software sales margins can also significantly expand VAR / Resellers revenue potential. If you feel that you have high caliber sales and field support organization capable of servicing top-tier IPAM users, please contact us and let us know a little about you.

Technology Integrator: Solution providers who require high quality, normalized global patent data or patent search and analysis tools for integration into their solutions should know that nobody has more patent data compliant with the new WIPO / EPO E-filing standards. Whether you need XML data output or export to other data streams, our technical staff can work with you to provide seamless integration of our technology into your solutions. Just drop a line and let us know your requirements. Just drop a line and let us know your requirements.

Certified Third Party Solution Provider: PatentCafe’s ERP/ICO™ software solution is a modular system wrapped around our global patent database and administrative software tools. We are interested in providing an ever increasing suite of modular solutions – especially those developed and maintained by innovative developers. If you have software products you believe would be of interest to Global 2000 users, we would be pleased to work with you to certify your software as a PatentCafe ERP/ICO solution. Specialized products may include solutions such as Annuity Payment Tracking, specialized analytics systems, financial / valuation solutions, and patent work flow solutions which can be integrated into a Windows 2000 based Web environment. Contact us with the details.